Do you lack discipline?

2013October19_BootCamp_AThese days encouragement comes in the form of positive philosophies, a can-do attitude and self-belief. Motivation is seen as the guiding light in powering people to reach their individual goals. But what about good old fashioned hard work, effort and discipline? If you are hoping to embark on a boot camp mission then you may decide it’s time to add some stricter control over your life.

With technology bringing the world to people’s fingertips, we are able to make decisions about what we want with a click of a button or the tap of a screen. Whether we want a quick conversation with a friend who is far away, to order a restaurant meal to be delivered to our home or simply go shopping, the digital world enables us. In fact, it really takes very little effort to achieve at all.

Certain things come easier

Do you remember a time before smartphones and tablets? You should, as it wasn’t that long ago. If you wanted to do certain things, you had to put a plan in place and give yourself the time to achieve what you wanted. This often meant committing to a plan of action and putting in some time and energy towards it. Today, you might be able to achieve the same results with far less effort and forethought. That’s not to say that modern technology has made people lazier but that we are perhaps more used to having certain things come easier.

Hard work and effort for change

When was the last time you really put in a lot of hard work and focus, outside of work, to achieve something for yourself? With convenience and the distraction of a world that never seems to totally switch off, it is easy to just ride with it without striking out with a different rhythm of your own. With a fitness boot camp you need to be able to adopt a determined approach that isn’t shy of hard work and could involve changing your lifestyle altogether. To create change you need strength and to not be afraid of hard work and effort.

Boot camps requires commitment

Boot camp requires a disciplined approach. This means that you have to stick to a schedule, not skip sessions and follow a diet plan that fits with the training. It may mean having to get up and going exercising at times when you would rather be relaxing at home or sleeping. That’s not to say that you won’t be motivated by the energy you feel from training or the results that you start to see, but as with any training, it also takes a determined person to make the difference as well, especially on off-days when motivation can slip.

Are you disciplined?

To get yourself boot camp ready, start looking at how disciplined you are in other areas of your life. Do you ever set yourself mini-targets and more importantly, do you stick to them? Do you often make promises and then break them? Do you constantly tell yourself you will make certain changes but seem to never get around to attempting, let alone achieving, these new ideas? Ask yourself when was the last time that you really wanted to do or have done something that you knew was not a great idea but were disciplined enough to stop yourself?

Practice discipline

Structure and discipline are not negative words or concepts. In fact, they can give you a sense of being in control. Try setting yourself a disciplined approach by setting a rule this week and sticking to it. Make sure that you can understand the reasons for the rule and why you want to stick at it, otherwise you are simply dealing with willpower and that is rarely enough. By acting in a disciplined way, you may feel greater respect for yourself and actually enjoy the sense of old-fashioned achievement it brings.

Boot camp requires good, old-fashioned time and effort. The question is whether you have the discipline to deal with it!

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