The ultimate relaxing tonic treat!

2013November08_MassageTherapy_ATherapeutic massage can be applied as part of rehabilitation and recovery, promoting health and healing through a variety of techniques. It can also be a perfect tonic for the whole being, inspiring total relaxation and de-stressing the body and mind to bring about a sense of wellbeing and balance. Pure pampering massage is much more than a relaxing treat and can do you the world of good.

Massage therapy is used to target certain physical problems and areas of the body in specific ways. Techniques include myofascial release to minimize pain, acupressure to mimic the benefits of acupuncture, as well as the holistic healing qualities of Ayurvedic herbal oils, detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage, not to mention reiki and reflexology.

As well as being used as a form of therapy, massage can be a wonderful treat for the body, mind and emotional centers.

Time out – Just the fact that you are taking time to have a massage puts you in a situation where you are forced to take time for yourself. This in itself can be therapeutic. When people have leisure time they often fill up the empty space and silence with noise and activities, or even run around trying to get on top of chores. You deserve some time out and massages can be welcome mini-breaks.

Relaxing – The atmosphere, the effects of massage on the muscles, as well as the fact that it feels good, makes having a massage a truly relaxing experience. You come out of a massage feeling relaxed, refreshed and revived. Knots and tensions are softened and this release in the body has a relaxing effect on your whole being. The hormones released and neurotransmitters create a feeling of contentment and deep relaxation too.

Power of touch – There is something wonderfully healing about the power of touch. It is a non-verbal way of communicating and can be extremely powerful at reaching out to the senses and triggering a physical reaction too. Touch is intuitive and intimate and the skill of massage is to create a movement where touch can create a positive reaction in the body so that tense muscles start to relax and the body begins the healing process.

Meditative – During a massage you can let your mind drift and your thoughts ebb and flow. Your attention is lightly focused on each movement without any emphasis on the future or the past. In many ways, a massage is an exercise in meditation and mindfulness. This can be a tonic to a stressed individual both physically and mentally this meditative state restores balance to an overworked mind.

Feeling special – Having a massage is a real treat and makes you feel pampered and special. This can have an uplifting effect on your mood. Looking forward to a massage can put you in a good mood in the hours leading up to your session and leave you feeling in a good place too. The fact that you are doing something for yourself and to make yourself feel better has a strong psychological impact too: focussing on yourself for a change can boost self-esteem and confidence.

Soothing – Touch can help soothe the nerves and is a tonic on an emotional level. Think about the times you have been upset or feeling emotionally charged and how someone’s touch in the form or a pat or a hug has comforted you and helped you feel better. By lessening immune system-battering anxiety, massage can have a curative, healing effect very much connected to the emotional self.

Massage can be a real treat but it offers far more than a simple surface pampering and the benefits run much deeper. So isn’t it time you nourished your body and soul with a wellbeing tonic that you’ll truly enjoy?

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