Time for a healthy relationship audit?

2013November21_CouplesActivity_AIf you are part of a couple then it  is a good idea to take stock every once in a while when it comes to the lifestyle you are both living. You can then see where you are at individually and as a twosome, so you can stay on track and make any necessary changes to continue forward in a healthy relationship in terms of physical fitness. When it comes to your partnership, is it time for a healthy relationship audit?

Two heads can sometimes be better than one and couples who decide to increase how often they work out and improve the way they exercise can prove to be an indomitable force to be reckoned with. The same goes with waving goodbye to bad habits and welcoming in new adventures and activities for a healthier life ahead. We’ve all see the happy, energetic couples taking a jog together after work, or getting involved in fun, active pursuits. Likewise, there are those couples who slump on the sofa eating TV dinners night after night. Perhaps you and your loved one are somewhere in between, A healthy relationship audit might help to work out what state you are both in.

Healthy relationship audit:

  1. Be open – You don’t want to be cloak-and-dagger about the fact that you’re taking an objective look at the diet, lifestyle and health of your other half, as well as yourself. As a relationship is a shared venture you both need to be involved and proactive.

  2. Create a written log – It’s good to talk but sometimes nothing speaks volumes more than seeing a few cold, hard truths written down on paper. Scraps of paper won’t do either so grab a notebook or a large piece of paper and write at the top, ‘Health Audit’.

  3. Enter personal details – Yes, this means your name, age and your measurements, as well as your weight. While how much you weigh is not always an indicator of how healthy you are, it can be useful in assessing whether you have put on weight or if you are over or under your ideal weight. From here you can work out your Body Mass Index (BMI).

  4. Log your last three 30 minute or more activities – This doesn’t have to be full-on cardio burn, so include a moderately paced walk if you like. It does have to be continuous though so five minutes here and there can’t be added up.

  5. Log how often you workout at an aerobic level – In basic terms this is activity where you wouldn’t be able to chat the whole time, but not at the level where it would be a real struggle to speak either. Subtract your age from 220 and multiply by 60% to give you your individual low-level aerobic heart rate. You can measure the level of your effort by recording your heart rate the next time you work out.

  6. Log your last three day’s worth of meals – If you’ve had a week that has been totally out of the ordinary then wait until you have a regular few days and log what you eat. This includes snacks and drinks, including water. You might want to write down the times of day as well.

  7. Log your leisure time – Make note of how you have filled your free time in the last week. This needs to be dedicated time off such as after work or days when you are not working. As well as writing down the activities, such as watching TV, walking the dog, socializing with friends, make a record of the length of time. Now make a note of what percentage of your leisure time you were involved in shared activities with your partner, including a breakdown for each activity.

  8. Make a list of 10 bad habits – Make sure these are related to your lifestyle. This list can include unhealthy things you do fairly regularly which wouldn’t be considered a habit as such.

  9. Make a list of 10 of your partner’s bad habits – While it can sometimes be a challenge to recognize your own bad attributes it is sometimes easier to spot them in someone else, especially someone you are close to!

  10. Summarize – In five sentences or less sum up how you would describe how you and your partner live. Compare how you both see your current situation.

Your audit will make you think about how you and your partner are living your life and make any unhealthy patterns become more concrete in your mind. The next step is to discuss your audit with your partner and discuss ways in which you can both make changes and how. Is it time you made fitness a priority for the future?

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