It’s time to hit the gym in 2014!

2014January19_GymWorkouts_AHigh intensity interval training is the number one fitness trend for 2014, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. And with the emphasis on short bursts of intense exercise, what better time to really make the most of the gym and all it has to offer to get your body in shape and your fitness levels higher.

The world of fitness is continuously developing, with new trends emerging and greater understanding of what works best to create a fit and healthy body. While there are undoubtedly some fads along the way, which are more wacky than quality workout, programs that involve such training styles as high intensity interval training are definitely here to stay. And what better place to train than in the gym?

HIIT gym advice

Think about using the treadmill, elliptical and rowing machines for HIIT. Getting solid advice from an expert can really help set a solid routine for you, And in fact, taking a steer from certified fitness professionals is also listed as a trend for 2014. Intensity in terms of speed cannot be used with all the equipment in the gym, so look at how you can add this to your gym time.

Burn fat after gym time

Most people don’t want to spend hours at the gym to see results and yet the idea of burning fat and losing weight through exercise is listed as set to continue to be in the top 10 trend interests of fitness fans through 2014. High intensity interval training allows you to work really hard for a short period at the gym and still continue to burn fat once you leave. This is due to continued increased metabolism as the body recovers after an oxygen-rich workout.

Strength training in the gym

Other trends for 2014 include body weight exercises and strength training. The value of mixing in strength training with cardio is that your muscles actually help you burn calories. So, when you lose weight you want to keep your muscle mass lean and toned but still powering the body and burning up fat. The gym is built to help keep you strong to help with weight loss programs. While you can bulk up at the gym, it’s important to understand that the gym can help you lose weight too. Strength does not have to equal bulging biceps.

Personal training

Tailor made exercise is yet another trend that’s set to continue in 2014 and beyond. Working with a fitness expert in the gym can really help you work out to your optimum best and use the equipment in the most beneficial way possible. A fitness assessment, one-on-one training, or simply a fitness expert showing you how to use equipment, can all be helpful in focusing on your own personal fitness plan and reaching your individual goals.

Accessible and user-friendly

The gym is open to all, and provided you take heed of safety and follow the rules, it can also be a really handy way to jump in and get on with some solid and varied exercise. Another trend for 2014 is functional training and this is really the arena of the gym. Each piece of gym equipment is designed to work with your body and its natural movements, increasing strength, mobility and flexibility.

In 2014 is it time you hit the gym? Get in touch.

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