Recover with positive physio power!

2014January29_Physiotherapy_AAre you looking for the right type of physiotherapy after seeing your doctor? Have you had surgery and are now ready to take a proactive step towards making a full recovery? Or do you want to treat an old injury or weakness that has long been bothering you? Whatever your reasons, physiotherapy can give you a new lease of life, alleviate aches and pains, and stimulate greater mobility and functional movement. Ultimately, physiotherapy can improve your quality of life if you incorporate it properly into your treatment plan.

Ensuring that physiotherapy is successful means not only seeking out quality treatment but also bringing a positive mindset to your recovery. If you’re not sure about how to channel this sunnier disposition when faced with a painful and possibly debilitating obstacle, then here’s some tips to get you in the right frame of mind:

  • Celebrate small victories – Whether you have a long road to recovery ahead or your physical problem is less severe it’s sometimes difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it is worth appreciating the small improvements along the way rather than feeling despondent at your ultimate goals still being far away.

  • Accept where you are at – With physiotherapy patients, there is often a feeling of frustration. Of course, this is totally understandable. Being limited in what you can do, as well as being in pain, is no laughing matter. Accepting your physical state is not the same as resigning yourself to your situation, far from it. If you face up to what is happening to you physically or what injury you are grappling with with then you might find that you can deal with the recovery process far more easily.

  • Praise your ability to adapt – The human body is an amazing machine that is expertly engineered, so it’s not surprising that like any mechanism it sometimes has parts that aren’t working as well, that get damaged or seem to always weaken. While you want to fix what you can through physiotherapy, it’s worthwhile focusing on how extraordinary you are too in the body’s, and the mind’s ability to adapt. That’s something to feel positive about.

  • Listen and understand – The brain can wield a powerful influence over how we behave and take in ideas, but sometimes physio patients only hear what they want to hear. On top of this, some people don’t have a clear idea of what is happening to their body and why, let alone what recovery is possible, how and when. Taking a positive stance toward physio means getting involved and that means really allowing an expert to give you the information you need. You can then make the most of your physio by actively following what is happening to you and making your recovery personal.

  • Follow advice – In this fast-paced world and the era of television medical dramas, there is often an expectation that recovery will be immediate or nothing short of miraculous. Of course, outcome and treatment really depends on what level of injury you are dealing with in the first place. However, in all situations, the key to getting the best result that you can is to follow advice and practice exercises you are given by your physiotherapist – stick to the program and follow it carefully.

If you would like a physiotherapy consultation in confidence your first positive move should be to get in touch.

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