10 Motivational tips to a better life!

2014February18_Motivation_AWant to get fit and give your health a positive boost? Lack the willpower or don’t know how to go about creating a new, improved you? The good news is you’re not alone. The even better news is that there are lots of way to motivate yourself to make beneficial changes in your life. The best news of all is that the way forward can be enjoyable and make you feel good too.

Berating yourself for your failings doesn’t do anyone any favors, least of all you. Motivation doesn’t succeed from feeling bad. If you want to inspire a stronger practical drive to get in shape then you may want to focus not so much on what you should be doing but on giving your whole life a motivation boost. Want some ideas on how to do that? Here’s 10!

  1. Create some space – Cut yourself some slack from your busy schedule. Take a long weekend if you can and relish some ‘me’ time where you have headspace to let new ideas and thoughts come in and grow.

  2. Surround yourself with happiness – Watch a comedy; meet friends who make you laugh; read inspirational stories. Avoid negative types, depressing news, and anxiety-inducing situations…at least for a while.

  3. Don’t try and be and do it all – So many people put this internal pressure on themselves in a bid to live up to some image of what they should be. Forget it! Be yourself and reconnect with the real you. Likewise, don’t go OTT with health and fitness either or your good intentions may not last.

  4. Open up your world – Whether it’s changing the sandwich you eat every day or climbing a mountain, do something different once in a while and open yourself up to new experiences. Not only will your perspective change but so might your behavior too.

  5. Eat better – Motivation isn’t simply a cerebral process. A good diet can make you feel energized and this in turn can give you the power you need to tackle your life differently, including your health and fitness levels.

  6. Stop criticizing – It’s not easy feeling motivated when you are surrounded by negativity. Each time you put yourself down, or speak badly about others, you are putting the damper on the fire of your motivation.

  7. Be altruistic – It’s interesting that when you do something good for someone else that it makes you feel good. And feeling good motivates you to want to continue feeling good. Since a good diet and healthy lifestyle can make you feel good too, then you might be more motivated to follow this plan.

  8. Get moving – Don’t sit on the sofa and imagine that one day you’ll be working out a few times a week. Instead, start moving right now. Once you’ve actually started to get more active, and got the ball moving, your motivation will gather speed.

  9. Don’t bury your head in the sand – If you’re overweight or not in the best shape then facing up to this in a positive way can instigate change. Avoiding looking at your lifestyle won’t motivate you to make changes.

  10. Make a plan and create a strategy – Motivation needs direction and goals. Create them and find ways to fulfil them too.

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