What to expect with CrossFit!

2014February20_CrossFit_ACrossFit was founded in 2000. The CrossFit exercise program is basically a combination of aerobic and weight training exercises designed to improve muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, and flexibility. In the last decade of so CrossFit has gained momentum and popularity. If you’re new to the idea of CrossFit though it’s worthwhile understanding what to expect before you get started.

CrossFit offers a great variety of different exercises to tackle each day which are designed to target specific parts of the body. The workouts are challenging and will definitely test your strength and endurance. The goal of CrossFit is to develop a body that can boast an overall physical fitness level. And for novices, here are a few insights into what CrossFit is about.

1. Focus on muscle strength not weight.

Because you will be using muscles you have not used in years and muscles weigh more than fat, don’t be surprised if you don’t suddenly drop weight. Of course, CrossFit training can be incorporated into a weight loss plan but you need to focus on training in the right way for optimal fitness, rather than getting fixated on the weighing scales. The good news is that weight loss will begin when you hit that tipping point where your stronger muscles start to really burn more calories. When this happens your clothes will fit better and your face will begin to slim down.

2. You will gain mental toughness

CrossFit will keep you challenged. There are times when this style of training can become intense and you may be tempted to opt out of certain demanding exercises. However, keeping up with this form of fitness will help you discover some mental toughness. You will learn about what motivates you and discover your fitness inspiration.

3. You will find energy even when you are tired

Keeping healthy with CrossFit training gives you more energy. Why? Because you will be lugging less fat around and your body won’t be straining your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems as much. Breathing, walking, and exercising in general will be easier, which will benefit your daily life. Exercising also helps excrete those feel good hormones, so expect to find yourself less stressed and feeling happier.

4. You will realize how out of shape you are

Taking up CrossFit can make you realize how much you have let yourself go or simply highlight how unfit you are. Expect the first few exercises to burn and make your muscles sore. It will take many minutes for you to catch your breath, so expect lots of panting and grunting during the first few sessions. But everyone has to start somewhere and we design programs to fit your fitness level.

5. You will need fuel to burn

Your body will begin to burn muscle if it does not have anything else to burn. Participants should eat food rich in lean protein to fuel workouts. However, the CrossFit nutrition page recommends the reduction of sugars and carbohydrates. Eating a balanced diet will help fuel your workouts.

CrossFit and a healthy diet are an excellent way to get in shape. Expect to feel better, look leaner, and get stronger with CrossFit. This form of fitness is great for people who are beginning their fitness journey.

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