The obesity blame game doesn’t work!

2014April09_WeightLoss_BAs one of the biggest health problems in the Western world, obesity is not just a physical problem, but also a social one. Overweight women often find themselves stigmatized because of their weight, leading to negative feelings and emotions. But tackling weight issues takes a motivated and a proactive approach that is seated in embracing who you are are and making  changes in a positive way that increases feelings of self-worth. We support women in taking a fitness and weight loss journey and what is clear is that the obesity blame game doesn’t work!

Obesity is a major health problems in many countries. In the US statistics show that around 35% of American adults are either obese or overweight. Obesity puts you at risk of developing a variety of diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. However, doctors have different approaches when it comes to advising on weight loss and sometimes the experience for patients is not always positive.

Medical attitudes

According to a study published in journal Preventive Medicine, patients who are obese sensed when they were being judged by their primary care doctors because of their weight. Of the 600 participants in the study, 21% admitted that they felt they were judged by their doctors because of their obesity. 96% percent of this group attempted to lose weight because of their doctors’ attitude to them, but only 14% of them actually succeeded in shedding off at least 10% of their body weight. In fact, only two-thirds of the participants in the study said that their doctors brought up the subject of weight loss, while the other one-third did not get any advice from their doctor whatsoever.

Positive solutions

It is apparent that being judged because of your weight has negative implications when it comes to weight loss. However, this type of discrimination happens not just in the face of healthcare providers, but in many other settings. There is discrimination in the workplace and other social setting and all this negativity can lead to a sort of obesity blame game that really doesn’t help an overweight person lose weight.

As an overweight person, it can be difficult to deal with the negativity that you experience as a result of your weight. The solution is to take a positive and proactive approach to weight loss, no matter the opinions of others. After all, changing your life starts with you.

Tell other people how you feel

If you feel that you are being judged or discriminated against by someone, speak up and let them know how you feel. It is never okay to judge people, so you have every right to assert yourself. Admit that you are offended and that you will not tolerate negative comments. This can also be a wake up call to those people who are not aware that their remarks are hurtful, such as family members who make jibes and friends who are insensitive.

Prove them wrong

Being judged because of your weight is not a new problem to all the obese people out there. While you cannot control what other people think, it is entirely up to you if you would let these things get to you. Stop the obesity blame game and start believing in yourself and your capabilities. Challenge not just the ideas of others but also prove your ability to change your life too and lose weight. Contact us and change your life from today..

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