An extra serving of healthy mindset!

dietandnutrition_June19_AThere is a saying that we are what we eat and you could take this one step further and say that we eat what we are. In other words, who we are and how we think has a big impact on the diet we follow. Habits, set ideas and ingrained thoughts can all lead to us following an eating plan that is not necessarily the right one or the healthiest for us. To change what is on your daily menu, you really need to put your mind to it and give yourself an extra serving of healthy mindset!

Pressed for time; can’t cook; under pressure with life’s demands; plan to start eating healthily tomorrow; all excuses used time and again for not putting the right foods in the right amounts on your plate. They may sound rather unappetizingly bland written down thus so, but the reality is that it is easy to get stuck in bad eating habits and lose your way when it comes to following the nutritious way. However, if you can relate to this, there’s no point playing the blame game; instead do something proactive and start with using your mindset in the right way.

Think outside the boring menu box

Just as you might drive the same route in automatic pilot the same goes when shopping, preparing meals and eating. Even people who eat out often go to the same places and even like to sit in the same place! Fine if your natural or learned go-to recipes happen to be healthy and balanced but less so if they aren’t. Shake up your menu by compiling some interesting, nutritious recipes that are affordable, easy to prepare, and taste great. What about cuisine from different countries? How could you transform a plain salad? Be creative and enjoy new tastes.

Understand your motivation

Diets are full of ‘I shoulds’ and ‘I shouldn’t but just this once’. This could be because you view healthy eating as a regime that has been imposed on you in some way. By understanding why you want to cut down on fats or reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, you can give your motivation some substance. Feeling motivated comes from genuinely wanting to get in shape or lose excess weight, not from feeling that you have to.

Let positivity flow through your thoughts

Rather than focus on what you are giving up – unhealthy foods – you can turn this negative around and instead put your mind to all the positives that are going to come about as a result of your diet. If your mind associates a feel-good emotion with eating healthily then this is going to help you follow a diet more easily and successfully. Think of how great nutritious goodness is and let your thoughts latch onto this positive feeling.

Train your mind to love healthy foods

For some reason many people grow up with the mindset that vegetables are a must-eat that they don’t want to eat. If you’re still harboring a grudge from having to finish your greens as a child then it is time to get over it and get to know the wonderful world of vegetables. Healthy food means fresh food, not diet style processed meals, so go back to basics. A fridge full of fresh vegetables can inspire you.

Focus on how fortunate you are

How lucky you are to have such a great range of fresh foods available to you. How lucky you are to be able to change your diet for the better. How lucky you are to be able to prepare wonderfully nutritious meals and enjoy them. Even those who are not in the best state healthwise can find something to be fortunate about when it comes to the simple pleasure of a healthy and delicious meal.

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