5 More reasons we love yoga!

yoga_Oct2_AWhat’s not to love? Yoga has been around for centuries and is a fantastic way to turn your body into an agile and flexible wonder. Last month we looked at five reasons we love yoga and just to remind you: you feel great; it stretches your whole body; stress reduces as you relax; movements offer resistance and challenge; and you move your body in a different way.

There are many other reasons yoga is just so fantastic, and here are five more:

  1. There’s a feeling of connectedness: Yoga is a holistic exercise, meaning that it is not just about muscle strength or working on one goal but about integrating wellbeing for you as a whole person. The result is that you feel connected in your body and mind and this inspires a feeling of inner oneness and connection not only with yourself but with others who are practicing alongside you, as well as with people in the community and world at large. Experiencing a strong sense of self as well as that feeling that we are all related is a wonderfully liberating one.
  2. There is no pressure: Healthy competition can sometimes be welcomed to get you jumping over fitness hurdles, including competing with your own personal bests. However, there is a lot to be said for mixing this up with an exercise regime that does not demand or push but allows you to develop your practice at your own pace. By taking the pressure off you can relax into yoga and explore your own physical strengths and weaknesses without having to compare yourself to other people.
  3. Everybody can practice yoga: Yoga does not discriminate and whatever your fitness level you can feel encouraged by the openness of the practice. Of course, you do need to aim for proper form and there are certain movements that are more suitable for an advanced level yogi, but essentially you can get involved and benefit wherever your starting point it. Yoga is accessible and personal.
  4. You feel stronger and more flexible: Yoga may not be a full-on cardio workout but the poses involved really open up the body. You can feel the hips, shoulders and pelvis opening up and this leads to greater flexibility. Certain poses really strengthen the muscles and yoga is far more focused on core strength than many give the practice credit for. The stretching and lengthening yoga creates really powers-up your whole body.
  5. Yoga makes you feel energized: As endorphins are released when you practice yoga this makes you feel good and yoga also gets your whole body’s systems moving, such as circulation and detoxification. This gives you a real energy boost so that you come out of a yoga session feeling ready to take on the world; walking taller and feeling fantastic.

Next month we will look at five more reasons we love yoga. Meanwhile, if you’re not already practicing some yoga moves with us, then why not?

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