Getting back to nature!

dietandnutrition_Nov21_BBusy lives; fast food diets; it’s not surprising that the modern lifestyle leaves many women feeling frazzled, struggling uphill from after sugar hit slumps and generally less active and not in peak physical condition. While there might be lots of pluses to life today and we wouldn’t want to turn back the clock, is getting back to nature with our diets long overdue? At Kaia we certainly think so and include good nutritional advice as well as effective training programs.

Since habits and lifestyles form so quickly, it’s worthwhile taking stock from time to time and looking at whether you need to make any adjustments or even a complete overhaul of many aspects of your life, including your diet. As toxins build up you can feel full-up with stodgy foods and all the badness that goes into so many convenience and processed foods. Give your body a break with a more natural diet.

What is a natural diet?

In essence, a natural diet means fresh fruit and vegetables and produce that has not been processed. Think of it as a diet from source, where you stock up on ingredients, using these to create your own dishes. This way, you know what has gone into each meal and therefore what you are eating. You don’t add in preservatives, additives and flavorings such as monosodium glutamate, which many people are sensitive to as well. You know what fat, sugar and sodium content each meal you prepare has and are aware of every single ingredient.

How to adopt a natural diet?

To successfully go back to basics with your diet, follow our quick pointers on how to reset your nutrition with some quality produce and delicious, healthy dishes:

  • You can still cook interesting food – You don’t have to start cooking bland, boring dishes to be healthy, even a simple recipe such as baked fish with ginger and spring onion can be incredibly flavorsome with the right balance of ingredients and some good seasoning.
  • Don’t try and recreate complex dishes – If you are not an amazing chef in the kitchen then think about adding creative yet easy-to-cook dishes to your new menu. You are not making healthier alternatives to favorite dishes but using fresh ingredients to create new culinary ideas. As well as eating more natural foods, why not try a simpler diet too?
  • Cook it or eat it raw – With good quality ingredients, a dull salad can be transformed into an appetising main meal. Think about all the different ways you can prepare your healthy meals, from roasting to steaming and grilling, as well as eating some raw foods too, such as crunchy carrots with hummus.
  • Go seasonal and go local – One of the problems with the modern diet is convenience; we can eat what we want when we want. Not so long ago, people shopped at local stores and bought whatever fresh produce was in stock and in season. Is there a way you can do the same? Is there a local producer of fresh vegetables that runs a stall at a farmer’s market, or delivers straight to the door? Cut down on your carbon footprint as well as your calories with healthy foods from your area.
  • Eat slowly and savour flavors – Do you grab food on the go to quickly chow down or starve yourself because you are too busy to eat, only to gorge later in the day when you collapse exhausted on the sofa? If so, you’re not alone, that’s why takeout food is so popular. As part of your old-style way of eating, make mealtimes more of an event, where you stop, sit down and take your time to appreciate and taste what you are eating and to digest it properly too.

Next week we will look at some ways you can keep motivated to follow a healthy diet. Meanwhile, we serve up good quality fitness, so if you have the appetite to get in shape then get in touch.

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