Shake off glute and thigh fat in one month

164_ExGenFor many people, glute and thigh fat can seem impossible to shake. Women especially have a tendency to gain weight in these areas and have trouble getting rid of it once it takes hold. But believe it or not, the first step in shedding pounds here does not start with exercise or diet. It starts with your mindset. You have to believe you can lose the weight and not make excuses. Know that others have already sculpted their butts and thighs using proven tactics, and that it can even be done in a month.

Many people believe that, to drop pounds off your glutes and thighs, all you need to do is simply exercise these areas. While this is a necessary part of the process, additional practices need to be applied for quick weight loss. Here are four of them.

Aim to cut 500-1,000 calories from your daily intake

Not surprisingly, if you have excess weight in your butt and thighs, reducing your calorie intake is a necessity to sculpt these areas. By doing this, you’ll lose roughly 1-2 pounds per week. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, this helps you lose weight at a gradual rate which is both healthy and easier to maintain on a long-term basis.

Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, five days a week

Aerobic exercise is not only good for your heart and overall fitness, but it’s also imperative when it comes to weight loss. Start with five days of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each week. As your fitness level improves, start to increase the duration to 60 minutes. A few exercises to try are running, bike riding, skating, and stair machines.

Practice full body strength training

This not only increases your muscle mass but also boosts your metabolism, which helps you lose weight more quickly. Perform full body strength training at least two days a week. Your goal is to increase muscle in your legs, arms, hips, chest, back, shoulders and abs.

You can practice strength training by using gym equipment, free weights or fitness machines. Some typical exercises are bench presses and those using rowing machines and leg press machines.

Do exercises that target your buttocks and thighs

No butt and thigh weight loss regime would be complete without including exercises that specifically target the butt and thighs. They are absolutely essential to build muscle and shed pounds in this area. A few proven exercises that work are lunges, squats and step-ups.

Want more strategies to lose weight and develop an effective exercise routine? Call us today to talk with one of our qualified experts.

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