6 Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

6 Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

When it comes to losing weight and getting a toned body, we rely on gym workouts for the best results. Most gyms have all the equipment you need – treadmills, weight lifting benches, and exercise bikes to name just a few. Of course, once you purchase membership, you probably have a general idea of what to do at the gym. But do you know what not to do? The gym is a communal place, and it’s important to learn gym etiquette as you’ll be working out alongside others. To help you maintain an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable, here is some behavior you should avoid doing at the gym.

Hogging the machines

Waiting lines are bound to form during peak hours, especially in a gym where there is not quite enough equipment for the number of members. Yet some people leave their towels and personal belongings on a treadmill while they stroll over to talk with neighbors. The problem is that someone else will hesitate in using the treadmill, because they think it’s occupied. Spending too much time on one piece of equipment is also inconsiderate. Gym etiquette states that when you’re done with a machine, you should take your stuff and move on to another, and let others take your place.

Not wiping sweat off equipment

You’re not doing anyone any favors by leaving a machine dripping with your sweat. It’s unsanitary, and will make the equipment look less than inviting to other members. Before you use machines or benches, make sure you place a towel on them. When you’re done, take a few extra seconds to wipe any sweat off.

Misplacing weights

The weight racks are there for a reason: to separate different dumbbell sizes and to hold the dumbbells after use. You’ll annoy other gym members if you don’t return dumbbells to their original places. Also, be careful not to drop weights on the floor. The sound and vibration can cause a distraction, and you could injure yourself and others around you.

Being the ‘know it all’

Newcomers will usually appreciate advice on handling the equipment and some bodybuilding tips. But most people who are working out have their own groove and pace. So don’t go around telling others they’re doing it wrong and making suggestions – your way of doing things might well be unsuitable for them. If you think someone is doing something dangerous, notify a nearby trainer instead of stepping in. If you really want to give advice to someone, take the time to become friends first.

Using your cellphone

Phone conversations are not recommended in the gym. A call from your friends could disrupt the focus of nearby gym members. Also, focusing on your phone while walking aimlessly around the gym can cause injuries – you could easily walk into a machine or interfere with someone else’s workout. Therefore, you should avoid using your cellphone in ways that might disturb others. An exception is perhaps listening to music while you’re burning it out on the treadmill or while using other equipment.

Crossing someone’s private space

The gym can be packed at certain times, especially on weekend mornings or after working hours. There may not be enough space to accommodate everyone. But this doesn’t mean that you should be careless and encroach on someone else’s workout space. Either find another spot for your workouts, find another exercise, or wait patiently for your turn.

Exercising in the gym will produce good results only if you’re following an effective workout plan. Contact us today to schedule the workout plan that best suits you.