Creating Mind Body Awareness

Creating Mind Body Awareness

You are more than the sum of your parts and wellbeing is about feeling integrated and whole. Athletes may focus on one skill and concentrate on a specific physical area, but to get to the top of their game they exercise their whole body and consider the power of their motivation and their attitude too. They also need to understand their physical reactions and to follow a more integrated way of keeping fit and healthy. So do you, and this means creating mind-body awareness. And what better way that with some yoga?

Yoga appeals hugely to anyone who believes in the massive benefits of a holistic exercise program; anyone who wants to shape up not just their physical appearance but also their lifestyle and perhaps even the way they think. By concentrating on movement as well as the importance of breathing, yoga energizes the mind and body, and destresses the mind and body. On top of this, yoga also creates a stronger connection between the mind and body, but what exactly does this mean?

Synchronicity for greater results

In essence, mind-body awareness is about creating a relationship between your thoughts and feelings and your physical state. The greater this bond the more easily you are able to listen to what your body is telling you through physical symptoms. The more you listen, the better you become at reacting and working in tandem with your body; thus creating an inner feeling of synchronicity and also achieving greater results.

Progress by knowing your limits

For example, through good yoga practice, you can learn where your limits are. You may not think of yoga as particularly demanding but actually, whilst it might not involve intense cardio, many of the stretches and strengthening postures can be fairly challenging. Knowing when you need to stop or push a bit more, can really help you progress methodically and safely. This also serves to improve the enjoyment of working out.

Understanding what you need to work on

Mind-body awareness goes against the ‘no pain, no gain’ ethos but actually means you can react far more quickly to what you need to do, exercise-wise. The closer you listen and the more natural that connection between your thoughts and feelings and physical signs, the more you can become aware of weak areas and also mental blockages.

Yoga stretches are about proper form and correct movements and you soon have a detailed analysis of which muscles are more flexible than others and where you lack stability, balance, and alignment, As a result, you are able to utilize yoga to hone in and support these weaker areas.

Changing the way you see your body

Greater mind-body awareness through yoga, can inspire more respect for your physical. In turn, this feeling and attitude can act as a catalyst in changing your lifestyle for the better. By feeling in-tune with your whole being you can better appreciate the impact of nutrition, exercise and behavioral patterns, and how important it is to feel a sense of integration.

Bring your awareness to your life with yoga practice and expand your exercise horizons. We can help inspire a healthier you in body and mind, so get in touch.