Drink not just more water, but hot water

Drink not just more water, but hot water

Drinking water regularly might be good for our bodies, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Even though we should be getting through as much as eight glasses of the clear stuff each day, when the water is as icy cold as the weather outside, how many of us actually manage it? That said, Kaia girls know that if they want to achieve their health and fitness goals, they need to give their bodies the right nutrients – and that includes hydration. Thankfully, there’s an alternative: it turns out hot water has added benefits you may not have known about. Here they are.

It helps with weight loss

Looking for a helping hand in shedding those extra pounds? Hot water could be the answer. It helps to maintain a healthy metabolism, which is essential to burning more calories when you exercise. Hot water is also known to break down body fat, which means it’s working with you on two fronts.

To get the most out of the fat-busting effects of hot water, drink it first thing in the morning and it will set you up for a great day. Before you even think about coffee, breakfast or a shower when you wake up, take the time to slowly enjoy a small cup of hot water with a wedge of lemon. In the winter months your body will be grateful for the warm start to the morning, and you can also benefit from the calm that comes from a few moments of quiet reflection before the day’s chaos begins.

You can detox galore

Just as you were always told that a hot cup of tea – and not an iced glass of water – is the drink for relief from a hot summer’s day because it makes you sweat, the same is true of drinking hot water over cold. This has an added benefit if you are in need of a light detox – you sweat as your body temperature rises and, along with the sweat, your body releases toxins and cleanses itself. The lemon you’re enjoying in your morning hot water shot will also help the detoxification process.

It has anti-aging effects

With all that detoxification, you are getting rid of the very things that cause premature skin aging. By getting them out of your system with the help of all the extra hot water you’re drinking, you’ll be looking younger and fresher before you know it. Even better, once you incorporate more hot water into your diet you can look forward to smoother skin. The hot water promotes skin cell repair, increasing the elasticity – and so the youthfulness – of your skin. Hot water can also help fight acne and pimples. You’ll be baby-faced again in no time!

Your hair loves it

The benefits of hot water extend beyond your face – your hair will be thankful to you for upping your consumption, too. Hot water energizes the nerve endings in your hair roots, boosting vitality and giving you soft, shiny hair. If you’re a dandruff sufferer, hot water can also help you on that front, since it helps to keep the scalp hydrated. Best of all, hot water can even promote hair growth – if you have hair loss problems, you’ll love the fact that hot water stimulates active hair roots and so helps to accelerate the growth of your hair.

Regular hot water consumption can form part of an improved diet plan. To find out how to make fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, get in touch today.