Get Modern and Mobile With Yoga Apps

Get Modern and Mobile With Yoga Apps

The principles and practice of yoga might be thousands of years old but the benefits of yoga resonate with today’s fitness fans and those interested in the mind-body connection inherent in the postures and exercises of the many varied styles of yoga. Not only has yoga become a popular modern-day workout but it has also gone digital. There are a huge variety of yoga apps on the market today bringing lessons, advice and interesting visuals for the smartphone generation.

With most apps either being free or affordable there is nothing stopping yoga fans from trying out different apps which suit their level of yoga fitness, interest and lifestyle. If you travel a lot and want to top-up lessons where you’re away from the yoga studio that might be different than people who go to regular lessons and perhaps want some more meditative relaxation out of the studio, or a fun-style app because they love yoga. Here’s a rundown of just a small selection:

iYoga + – eight yoga lessons lasting 30 minutes, as well as a directory of 58 yoga positions, with two difficulty levels. An audio guide allows you to practice without the video too. This might be an ideal extra for yoga lovers who travel a lot.

Office Yoga – 75 yoga exercises designed specifically for the working day. The stretches are presented using an easy to shuffle platform and set out to match with different work situations, such as commuting or when you are on the phone. This is a fun, simple package to help you fit in some exercises into your busy life. .

Relax and Rest – a complement to yoga classes, this app allows you to customize your relaxation. Three meditation lengths are offered which is ideal for anyone wanting to have a short meditative session, to those who want to go into a deeper state. Users choose either nature sounds or different background tracks.

Yoga Weight Loss – part of a series of yoga apps in the Saagara series, this app is animated and the exercises are specifically focused on moving body fat reserves and turning them into energy. The app aims to help tone up your abs and exercise the whole body with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Users practice hatha yoga techniques with breathing exercises too.

A Facial Yoga – Pull many faces as you try out this app’s 85 exercises designed to exercise 57 facial muscles. The idea is that the yoga facial poses and stretches will reduce facial fat and give you a leaner, younger and more attractive visage.

Yoga STRETCH – a popular iTunes download, this app allows you to create up to five custom yoga sessions or work out to the pre-loaded versions. You can choose between different tracks or use your own music selection. The audio guide can be turned off as the graphics show the poses you’re given information about each of these. The Yoga RELAX version from the same stable offers a gentler yoga workout.

When all is said and done nothing beats a real yoga class with a live teacher and being in the right environment, but the popularity and range of yoga apps goes to show just how much yoga practice is appreciated and practiced all around the world. Apps can be a great addition to keep your practice and interest up, and offer some tips away from lessons too.

Let us know what your favorite yoga app is and tell us why.