How not to embarrass yourself during pilates?

How not to embarrass yourself during pilates?

There was a time when pilates classes seemed exclusively the domain of women, which is strange as the creator, Joseph Pilates was very much a man’s man, and was not only a bodybuilder but also a self defense trainer who developed this technique to help everyone become stronger and fitter. So he’d be glad to see that now more men are starting to embrace his exercise, which has numerous benefits including improving flexibility and working out hard to reach muscles groups. However, it is important to note that while more men are doing pilates, for now, you’ll find many more women than guys in your class. We have prepared some tips to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself in the pilates studio.

While the benefits of pilates for men are numerous, going from the Wild West that is the free weights floor at your local gym to the civilized society of pilates can be a bit too much to handle. If you go into a pilates class with the same mindset you have when hammering out a set of bench press reps, it’s highly likely that your instructor will politely, but very firmly, tell you to leave and never return. Take it from us, it doesn’t matter how much you squat and benchpress, pilates instructors are not to be trifled with.

However, with the right attitude and proper etiquette you will find pilates to be a challenging workout that forces you outside your comfort zone. When you do pilates you will see an increase in core strength as well as improvement in other lesser used muscles groups. Pilates is also great to help increase your range of motion and is a good way to prevent injuries too. Of course to enjoy these benefits you have to make it through the class. Here are a few tips to help make that possible.

Be mindful of your eyes

There will be a lot of attractive women in your pilates class and it is safe to bet that almost none of them want to be stared at by some random dude who just showed up for the first time. Seeing as you probably don’t really know what you’re doing in the first place, your best bet is to keep your eyes focused on the instructor since they will be helping you get through the class. Now, we aren’t saying you can’t look around at your surroundings, just don’t get fixated on any one thing for too long.

No one cares how easy it is

A lot of men, especially first timers, feel compelled to mention to just about everyone within listening distance just how easy they find pilates to be. Pilates is about the form and execution of each movement, not about testing your strength. The challenge of pilates is as much mental as it is physical. There isn’t a single person in your class who is interested in hearing about how easy you find it to be. That’s because from a solely physical aspect, they find it just as easy. However, the challenge for them comes through the concentration aspect of pilates.

Keep the grunts inside

Didn’t you just complain about pilates being too easy? It’s amazing how many dudes will brag about how simple pilates is for them to do while still releasing grunts, groans and other primeval sounds to signify just how hard they are doing it. Save it for the next time you’re doing biceps curls. Look, if you’re serious about trying to score a date with one of the women in your class, you better mind all your P’s and Q’s and this means being as quiet as a mouse during the session.

Don’t be a tool

It’s not unusual to see a guy roll into a pilates class for the first time and start trying to impress everyone with the reason they are there which is almost always never true. Here are a few things not to tell your classmates:

– I’m here because I hurt my back saving kittens from a burning building
– I’m here because it was my mother’s dying wish that I take a pilates class
– I’m here because taking this class helps the underprivileged child I sponsor
– I’m here because my body needs to be in top condition to drive my Lamborghini

And really, you can throw in any variant of these on your list of what not to say as well. However, we do encourage you to introduce yourself to a few people in the class and maybe even strike up some chit-chat. But instead of explaining to everyone how scary cool you are, ask them questions about doing pilates and see if they have any advice for you. Not only will this information help you during class, but maybe it just might open up the possibility of getting that date you covet as well.

Whether you want to take a pilates class for the health benefits or to help you meet women, we’ll make sure you don’t embarrass yourself while doing it. We won’t promise that you’ll get a date, but we do guarantee that you’ll get in much better shape. For more information on this or any other fitness class, get in touch with us today.