Make a Commitment to a Fit Future!

Make a Commitment to a Fit Future!

If you don’t believe in yourself then you’re not going to set and achieve goals, and so you really are setting yourself up to fail and creating a self-perpetuating motion of defeat. Add in some age-old classic exercise excuses and you can easily avoid creating a healthy lifestyle now and also find detours on the road ahead. However, if you want to change your fitness outlook then it’s time to make a commitment to a fit future.

Is achieving results all about how great you are at something? To a certain extent yes, but greatness doesn’t always come about through natural talent but through effort and commitment. Do you want to reach your fitness targets? Check out your commitment first.

Commitment is time

Nothing shows you are committed to a project than putting in some valuable hours and committing your precious time to a specific end. With the best will in the world you need to make room in your schedule to apply your fitness plans.

Commitment is belief

When you want to make any real difference in your health and fitness the first commitment needs to a personal one. You need to believe in your own worth and your own abilities, as well as have faith that you can follow the necessary steps to achieve your goals. Commit to self-confidence and embracing your individuality.

Commitment is effort

Along with time, putting in some real work demonstrates real commitment, perhaps more so than anything else. Turning up to train, listening and learning about how best to work out, as well as putting yourself through the paces all adds up to effort that will pay off.

Commitment is focus and motivation

When the going gets tough your focus, determination and motivation will see you through. Even if you love your training, there will inevitably be days when you find you are flagging. If you are motivating yourself then you are committing to keeping the momentum going and reaching the end point.

Commitment is seeking, setting and strategizing

To really apply commitment you need to be committed to something. That means that you seek out what your goals are, decide on these and commit to them by devising a plan. This might be working out x number of times a week or setting mini-goals to reach by certain dates. You could also commit to a certain event, such as being able to run a specific marathon.

Commitment is patience

It’s human nature that if you want something then you don’t really want to wait around for it. People often talk about dramatic life changes but as time goes on they realize that they might not be able to reach their goals overnight they lose interest. Commitment isn’t necessarily about intensity. It isn’t about blocking out all other demands and creating tunnel vision. Instead, commitment is accepting that for a fit future you need to be patient about the journey and be aware of where you have come from, where you are at, and where you are headed.

Commitment is more than an idea

It is really about changing your lifestyle and letting negative habits fall by the wayside. Commitment is not just a feeling or an approach but really a way of life. To be committed to a fit future you need to start making changes now that prove to yourself and those around you that you are serious. Before long your commitment will become second-nature. You can then set yourself your next challenge!

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